"After working at many festivals with various security compnaies, I would recommend ESP Security for any security needs that you may require. I found them to be fun, efficient and understood the need to connect with the customers and organiser alike in a friendly yet proffessional manner."
Sue Torres (Director) Wicked Events

"Each member of staff is friendly and works in a calm manner. I look forward to working with Brett and Paul on many events in the 2007 season."
Chris Tarren (Production Manager) Event & Management Services Ltd

"ESP always give me 100%. Working closely with myself and my staff, they create a friendly but secure atmosphere and have developed a strong rapport with our student body."
Daniel Cooke (President of DCASU)

"Thanks ESP, you guys were great! Smart, polite, friendly and proffessional...what more could you ask for?"
Matt Wilcox (Creationfest Security Co-ordinator)

"When I had my first film premiere in Leicester Square, it went without a hitch due to ESP staff and stewards making sure the audience was managed subtly and politely."
Edward B. Baybutt (Byron Productions)

"Finding ESP has made large operations a lot easier."
James Totten (MISM, MIISecM Ops Director) Events Solutions UK Ltd

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